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Charibdis Selsaet
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Merelew
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown


Merelew at the Feast of Eluned. Reputedly a pirate hunter.


You see Charibdis Selsaet, a Merelew.
He has silver eyes, no hair to speak of, and grey scales cover his body from head to toe.
Charibdis's hands are empty but you notice his fingers are slightly webbed.
He is wearing a sturdy sharkskin sack, a wicked trident, a waterproof ankle sheath with woven sea-grass bindings, a pair of sharkskin trousers, a tanned squid tentacle belt, a thigh-length black tunic woven with silver threads and some toughened eelskin sandals.

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