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Caster Uses: wisdom, charisma and discipline
Target Uses: charisma, wisdom and discipline
Modifier: spirit health of target

From Armifer:
Game design wise, Spell versus Spirit has three major merits. First, it increases the visibility of the Wisdom stat through making it the major contributor of an attack mode. Second, SvSp adds to the diversity of attack modes in the game -- something that many players said they consider important during the TM change. Finally, it will eventually pave the way to do more with the spirit health statistic. While spirit health is by no means useless, for most players it's redundant with vitality and fatigue, only becoming a significant factor for the few people who have abilities that spend it as a currency, or who fight creatures specifically designed to decrease it.

Spell versus Spirit conceptually covers two different groups of effects:
1: Obviously, spells that directly target the soul. Attacking the soul can (as a TM hybrid) lead to spirit loss and death. In addition, debuffs can be described in terms of inflicting "soul" sensations in the target: causing the target to cower in the Immortals' terrible glory, or distracted and despirited by a barren sensation where their heart and soul should be feeding them life. In these cases, we're carefully trying to walk a line between cognitive trickery (WvW territory) and the sort of overwhelming, gut reactions that are classically associated with religion.

2: Spells that direct divine / spiritual forces against the target. If we're cursing you because we're taking a tiny element of Kertigen's glory / energy / attention / symbolism and using it to beat the stuffing out of you, that is something that would be resisted with the target's soul rather than his mind. Bear in mind that the majority of Holy spells do not directly engage the Immortals, though. We can argue that Kertigen's Will is true to its name, or that it's a psychic spell that Clerics named after Kertigen because he's an awesome guy.

For general information, see Contested Spells.

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