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Female Rakash
Male Rakash Description

Quick to react and living for the pack, the Rakash consider themselves at one with their pack and often speak in the plural. While Human in appearance most of the time, they shapeshift into a wolf-human hybrid when the black moon, Katamba, is full. Even when not in their moonskins, however, the Rakash retain a touch of their wild nature.

Having lived in the hinterland west of the Five Realms for uncounted generations, the Rakash were driven out of their homeland by an undead menace. While suspicious of their new environment, if there's one thing that the Rakash are good at, it's survival. Adaptation may be challenging, but their shapeshifting tendencies have taught them that change is inevitable -- and the Rakash love a good challenge.

Character Creation

A deep, growling voice emits from the figure: "Rakash I am, the hunter who is happiest when she is with her pack. We live for the family, fight for the family, die for the family. No king can break us up, no god can destroy us. In ones and twos we may sometimes travel, but our happiness is complete when we are. The other races try to understand us, but cannot, for in their minds they are examining us in the singular. We discovered the truth long ago when we learned that we are strongest when united. Strength have I, and endurance, and speed. Whether I hunt with steel or with spell, all that matters is that I do what I do for the pack!"

The Rakash is of moderate height and seems to shift between a humanoid with a furry coat and a short snout and a Human with deep, soulful eyes. Both forms gaze at you with a combination of strength and loyalty, and there is a down-to-earth sensibility about this race present in only a few of the others. In its half-Human form, a short tail sweeps down behind the Rakash, stopping just short of the ground it stands on, and its ears are tall and curved, constantly twitching at the smallest sounds.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 10 0
Reflex 12 -1
Agility 8 +1
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 12 -1
Wisdom 8 +1
Intelligence 6 +2
Stamina 14 -2

Rakash Appearance and Behavior

"They look much like Humans most of the time, but when the black moon Katamba waxes full, they undergo an amazing transformation that leaves them looking very much like wolf-men. Oh, they continue to walk upright and they do not actually change into wolves completely, but they grow fur and tails and I would not fancy an encounter with their jaws when they are in what they call their "moonskin". But for all that, I do not find them as off-putting as I do the Prydaen, near whom they lived in western lands before migrating here in the year 357. Although the Rakash suffered terribly at the hands of the necromancer Lyras, they are very devoted to one another and form tightly knit packs even in their new homes with us. Some folks find them a bit dull between the ears, but they are far from stupid and I find their tenacity and toughness quite admirable."

Age Statistics

  • 0-13: Cub
  • 14-21: Underdog
  • 22-33: Cub-herder
  • 34-43: Pack Hunter
  • 44-55: Pack Beta
  • 56-63: Pack Alpha
  • 64-67: Den Watcher
  • 67-69: Grizzled Elder
  • 70-??: Pack Historian

Points of Interest

Original Introduction of the Rakash race (And Prydaen)

Rakash Moonskin Detailed information on the transformation of Rakash under the full moon of Katamba

Rakash Attire: What is comfortable and most commonly worn and what do all of those words mean.

Rakash Weapons: Weapon designs which the Rakash have brought from their homelands.

Rakash Verbs: Excitably growling, howling, ear wiggles, and tail wagging for everyone.

Rakash Language Common to Rakash, by Ivukav Voskid

Rakash Grammar by Ivukav Voskid

Rakash Traditions and Dawvs by Ravwe Tashkiok

Odcoru, the former Rakash capital before the migration into Kermoria.

Siksraja, the Rakash City in Therengia. Map of Siksraja

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