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Battle dances are Barbarian movement forms that invoke an altered state of mind, and through it, an improved state of body. Once the intial movements are made, the state of mind will continue, thus they are not suppressed by immobilization or stunning.

Dance Effectiveness

Dances are heavily dependent upon the Barbarian's Discipline and concentration. Circle no longer plays a role as a characters level has no bearing on his concentration.

The primary determinant of dance length is Concentration, and thus dances are directly dependent upon mental statistics such as Discipline, Intelligence and Stamina. These three stats are what make up the current concentration calculation. It should be noted that, though armor hindrance and encumbrance will reduce dance length, they have no effect on the bonuses that the dance bestows.

Focus Shifting

You may receive a message while dancing about feeling your focus shift. This indicates the Battle Dance time has been shortened, due to an increase in either burden, or armor hindrance. Battle Dance time is calculated when you first dance, and can only be lessened by an increase in the above mentioned variables. The time cannot be increased by a reduction of burden or hindrance after the dance has been stated.

Dances and Berserks

The commonly held wisdom in the Barbarian guild is that, to be most effective, a Barbarian either dances or berserks. This is based on the inability at currently achievable levels to both dance and berserk at once. Further widening this gap is GM stated fact that if Discipline, a major factor in dancing, is too far above the physical stats, it degrade berserk performance.


  • At 80th circle a Barbarian acquires the ability to berserk out of a dance.
  • It has been stated that at 180th circle, it will be possible to both dance and berserk simultaneously, though current circle caps are 150th.
  • Dances can be started in water based on swimming skill. 0 Ranks required for ankle deep. At 100, 200, 400, and 750 ranks additional depths and/or current speeds become possible, but it is unclear as to what specifically is possible at each rank.

Dance messaging

  • 'Dance time shortening:' You feel your focus shift.
  • 'Dance about to end:' You feel yourself starting to lose focus.
  • 'Dance ending:' You feel your inner fire cool, as the adrenaline pumping effect of your battle dance ends.
  • 'Dance Stop:' You slowly relax, letting the power of the dance fade from your core.

List of Dances

  • Swan Dance (10th circle): Largest boost to balance and small boosts to evasion and magic resistance.
  • Cobra Dance (14th circle): Largest boost to melee weapons, small boost to magic resistance.
  • Badger Dance (18th circle): Largest boost to evasion, parry and shield, large boost to multi-opponent and mediocre magic resistance.
  • Eagle Dance (22st circle): Largest boost to ranged weapons, moderate boost to perception and magic resistance.
  • Bear Dance (26th circle): Largest boost to strength, moderate boosts to stamina, vitality and magic resistance.
  • Wolverine Dance (30th circle): Large boost to magic resistance, moderate boosts to strength, balance, melee weapons and intimidation.
  • Panther Dance (40th circle): Largest boosts to hiding and stalking, large boost to magic resistance, moderate boost to agility, reflex, and intimidation, small boost to ranged weapons. Provides additional power to the "Slash the Shadows" roar as per GM-Jaedran.
  • Dragon Dance (60th circle): Large boost to magic resistance, large boost to all weapons (melee and ranged), evasion, shield, parry, multi opponent, strength, stamina, agility, reflex, and intimidation.

It should be noted that some dances do have engagement and/or avoidance bonuses however, due to the current status of the engagement system these bonuses are non-functional.

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