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Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Buffalo Form Augmentation Intro Flame 1 0 Bonuses Encumbrance
Dragon Form Augmentation Intro Horde 2 1 Bonuses Held Melee weapon
Eagle Form Augmentation Intro Predator 2 1 Bonuses Held Bow or throwing weapon
Swan Form Warding Basic Flame 2 4 Weak Potency Barrier
Piranha Form Augmentation Basic Predator 2 4 Balance and Evasion Boost
Monkey Form Augmentation Basic Flame 1 2 Reflex Bonus
Python Form Augmentation Basic Horde 1 2 Parry Bonus
Badger Form Warding Advanced Horde 2 7 Weak SvS Barrier
Owl Form Augmentation Advanced Predator 1 5 Perception Bonus
Wolverine Form Augmentation Advanced Predator 1 3 Reduction to advance time
Bear Form Augmentation Advanced Flame 2 5 Strength and Warding Boost
Toad Form Warding Expert Horde 2 5 Elemental Damage Resistance
Turtle Form Warding Expert Flame 2 7 Strong generic magic barrier (potency)
Panther Form Augmentation Expert Predator 1 6 Stealth Bonus
Avalanche Berserk Augmentation Intro Horde 1 0 Pulsing Fatigue Regeneration
Famine Berserk Augmentation Basic Flame 1 1 Pulsing Vitality Regeneration
Tornado Berserk Augmentation Basic Predator 2 1 Shield and Stamina Bonus
Wildfire Berserk Augmentation Basic Horde 2 3 Agility and Damage Bonus
Earthquake Berserk ? Advanced Horde 3 4 Engaged Damage over Time
Flashflood Berserk Augmentation Advanced Predator 2 3 Pulsing AntiStun/AntiWeb/Standup
Cyclone Berserk Augmentation Advanced Flame 2 3 Charisma and Voice Recovery Bonus
Volcano Berserk Augmentation Expert Horde 3 6 Un-killable by normal means. Cannot be used in many other abilities.
Tsunami Berserk Augmentation Expert Flame 2 6 Increases Balance and Power of held weapon, reduces chance of critical miss
Hurricane Berserk ? Expert Predator Pulsing Dispel, reduces mana in area
Anger the Earth Roar Debilitation Intro Horde 1 0 Unbalance enemies
Death's Embrace Roar Debilitation Basic Horde 1 1 Debuffs to-hit chance of enemies
Everild's Rage Roar Debilitation Basic Predator 1 0 Debuffs enemy defense
Screech of Madness Roar Debilitation Basic Flame 2 3 Debuffs Discipline and Reflex, making it easier to land other roars
Serpent's Hiss Roar Debilitation Advanced Horde 1 5 Makes enemies flee the room
Kuniyo's Strike Roar Debilitation Advanced Predator 3 4 Stun + Knockback
Mage's Lash Roar Debilitation Advanced Flame 3 6 Primary Magic Debuff and chance to interrupt spell preparation
Wail of Torment Roar Debilitation Expert Horde 2 7 Immobilize
Mana Torment Roar Debilitation Expert Flame ? ? Drain Mana, not currently active.
Slash the Shadows Roar Debilitation Expert Predator 3 7 Knock out of hiding, and stealth debuff
Death's Shriek Roar Debilitation Expert Flame 3 7 Drop enemy to his knees, and penalizes shield skill
Flame Meditation - Intro Flame 0 0 Shows Inner Fire Level
Power Meditation Inner Fire Basic Flame 1 1 Shows Durations of abilities remaining
Unyielding Meditation Augmentation Basic Horde 1 2 Athletics Skill Bonus
Contemplation Meditation Augmentation Basic Flame 1 2 Defensive Bonus
Bastion Meditation Warding Basic Predator 2 4 Strong barrier versus agility contested attacks
Seek Meditation Augmentation Basic Predator 1 0 Outdoorsman-ship Skill boost
Staunch Meditation Augmentation Advanced Predator 2 5 Stop all bleeding for a time
Tenacity Meditation Warding Advanced Horde 1 2 Physical Damage resistance
Dispel Meditation Augmentation Advanced Flame 2 3 Removes all magic on barbarian
Focus Meditation Augmentation Expert Horde 1 1 Lock/Trap Bonus
Serenity Meditation Warding Expert Flame 2 6 Very strong magic potency barrier. Blocks other abilities from being in effect.
Prediction Meditation Augmentation Expert Predator 3 5 If you get disabled (stun/immobilize/web/knockdown), you dive-roll out of the area and away from harm.
Duelist Mastery - - Predator 4 8 Unlocks MEDITATE DUEL ability. Doubles the Barbarian's passive If regen limit for 10 minutes. Only usable out of combat, breaks once combat is initiated. Cooldown varies with IF skill but starts at 2 hours and caps at 45 minutes.
Tribalist Mastery - - Predator 4 8 Boosts debilitation skill and reduces IF forms cost.
Dervish Mastery - - Predator 1 6 Unlocks improved version Whirlwind
Mercenary Mastery - - Horde 4 8 Bonus to augmentation skill, reduces cost of berserking.
Strategos Mastery - - Horde 4 8 Bonus IF from killing enemies, unlocks ROAR AREA.
Juggernaut Mastery - - Horde 1 6 Unlocks improved Warstomp.
Powermonger Mastery - - Flame 4 9 Bonus to Inner Fire skill, more precise IF readings, +passive IF regen limit.
Yogi Mastery - - Flame 4 9 Allows meditating while standing and engaged at range, reduces RT and cost of meditating.
Templar Mastery - - Flame 1 7 Unlocks new ways to destroy magic items and view your count of magic items destroyed.


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