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Broichan Leshyahen
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Xeji Leshyahen



You see Battle Chanter Broichan Leshyahen, a Kaldar.
He has gold-flecked moss-green eyes. His russet hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over his shoulders. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for a Kaldar.
He has a long, bristly goatee.

He is wearing a white gold torq that cradles a black szeldite within a pair of ghastly hands, a dark steel chain crafted from interlocking links of discolored metal, a darkly-tanned traveler's cloak embossed with an intricate knotwork design, a tusk-studded rawhide baldric embossed with a Kaldar beneath a large ironwood tree, a black leather doublet held closed by heavy silver buttons, a polished sana'ati wood band inlaid with two pale green hands holding a thealstone, an embossed rawhide belt depicting a battle scene, a black and green plaid greatkilt fastened with rawhide lacing along the hip, a Bardic Soul Knot kilt-brooch, an embellished leather case with a cambrinth medallion clasp, a silver-bound dark leather ankle sheath, and some slouched black leather boots with gold-inlaid copperleaf clasps.

Treasured Items

Sana'ati wood band: Inlaid in the band are two hands made of jade clutching a faintly glowing thealstone as if it were the Kaneija in Orisas' hands. A pledge is carefully inscribed on the inside of the band.
There appears to be something written on it: "Take hold of my soul until the final battle."

Ebony bodhran with a cambrinth inlay and a decorated head: The pale leather of the bodhran's head is carefully painted with a scene depicting a band of Kaldaran warriors amidst a raging battle. While some lay still upon the ground, more rally behind Tieheq, who charges forth with greatsword and spear raised high. Orisas stands in the background, nigh invisible, one hand extended to usher the fallen home to the Kaneija she cradles. Cambrinth whorls lay like gleaming mist upon the dark hue of the wood of the drum.

Baldric: Shrouded in mist, the white tree spreads its branches out wide to shelter the tall Kaldar, the silhouette of a planet embossed just behind it. Clasping the straps are twin buckles covered with metal sheets, both engraved with an image of the Ghostly Mistress Orisas clasping her Kaneija. The ivory tusks are carved to resemble those of a mammoth, set at even intervals along the straps.

Embossed rawhide belt: An army of Kaldaran warriors pours forth from the Kaneija, lying shattered upon the ground. Orisas stands behind the advancing tide, surveying the spirits that now march forth to battle with a determined gleam in her eye.

Embellished leather case: The supple leather of the case had been painstakingly embossed and dyed with a scene depicting a Kaldaran Bard performing upon a ritual drum. The performer is seated with legs crossed, eyes lightly closed, frozen in time with one hand striking the head of the instrument. Situated around the Bard, the Alaudian gods stand listening, from the smiling Aliesa to the grimacing Sieben. The case can be secured with a clasp beneath a cambrinth medallion carefully embossed with the crest of the Bards' Guild.

Traveler's cloak: Thick leather provides protection from the elements while soft dark fur lines the interior of the cloak, providing a comfortable shelter during even the coldest storms. The pattern worked into the leather wends in complex circles, turning back into itself a multitude of times, embossed in such a way as to highlight the quality of the darkly-tanned surface. A heavy silver clasp with an accompanying knotwork design provides the finishing touch.

Traveler's pouch detailed with dark silver thread: At first glance, the traveler's pouch looks to be crafted from a very soft canvas, but closer inspection reveals it to be made of smooth, forest green feyweave. Various spots of mud and grime have made their way onto the pouch from its owner's recent adventures, but the resilient pouch doesn't look too much worse for the wear. Dark silver embroidery still shimmers through the dirt, revealing the outline of a small dagger that almost seems to shift upon the verdant background.

Facts and Interests

Birthdate: Born on the 25th day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 377 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
Devotion: First and foremost, Broichan reveres the Ghostly Mistress Orisas, but also has a healthy respect for all of the Alaudian gods. What he has heard of the Kaldaran worship of the Thirteen in Kermoria leads him to respect the inspiration of Faenella as well.
Focus: Study of Nocturnes and Requiems, battle enchantes, the lines between the Plane of Abiding and the Void
Origins: The Nomads of the Arid Steppe
Weapons of Choice: Twohanded Edge, Heavy Edge, Light Thrown, Brawling


Broichan was born and raised on the Arid Steppe into a family headed by two Kaldaran emigrants from Albaria, his parents having followed Trimbolt and the rest of the Kaldar and Gnomes into Kermoria. His parents, having found that life amongst the Nomads was so similar to the rough, natural, and independent life that they sought, joined the tribes. And it was on the windswept plains that Broichan grew, learning the ways of the warrior from his mother and the history and spirit of his people from his father, a priest of Orisas and a fine warrior in his own right. From an early age, he was fascinated not just with the stories of the Gorbesh Empire and the origins of his people, but also with the stories shared by those of the other races around the bonfires. It was at such gatherings that he discovered his aptitude for the drum and the pipes and his ability to wind a captivating tale.

He had not ever truly considered a life away from the Steppe until his first journey to Hibarnhvidar with a trading party. Always ready to provide a rousting chant or story, he just so happened to be overhead by Guildleader Yaziyi. The Bard found that Broichan not only had the proclivity to perform as a member of the guild, but also a deep interest in the stories and histories of the land. Enthused at this opportunity, Broichan eventually convinced his parents of the honor to be had in gathering and spreading the knowledge of the past - even if there was to be magic involved. The oath he swore to his parents was that he would neglect neither his combat skills nor his family's long-standing devotion to Orisas.

With the aid of a friendly Gnomish Moon Mage, Broichan was able to return to the city when he could to further his training as an initiate to the guild. Having set upon this path, he worked hard to learn what tales he could from those in the tribes and focus his mind towards the new and wondrous art of the Bardic enchantes. However, it became apparent that it was time to travel forth from the Arid Steppe in search of new tales and a chance to gain honor all his own.


As a child raised amongst the Nomads of the Arid Steppe, brought up by strong-willed Kaldaran parents, Broichan exhibits the forthrightness and hardiness one would expect. However, this edge is tempered both by his desire to learn from and to understand others as well as his own standard of honor. Much like a typical Kaldar, Broichan sees honor as the cornerstone of an individual's personality and judges the actions of himself and those around him accordingly. The most venerable person is one who is determined and unwavering in pursuit of their goals. Even an enemy is to be respected if they act according to their beliefs and in an honorable manner (though, of course, such respect won't stop Broichan from seeking to best a worthy foe in combat); liars and cheats deserve little respect, as do those who serve blindly without examining their own beliefs.

Those who show such conviction and prove to be friends will find in Broichan a reliable ally. Even if he is not quick to fully trust others, he also benefits from the inquisitiveness from his youth coupled with the Bardic mandate to collect the stories and lore of the varied people across Kermoria. Amongst a group of travelers or adventurers, he can often be found laughing and joking or providing what assistance or revelry he can.

For now, Broichan is content to travel the provinces, absorbing the tales and knowledge he finds along the way. What he has learned of the goddess Eylhaar has intrigued him, as the similarities between her and his family's patron goddess, Orisas, are intriguing, so any with knowledge or insights into her mystery are of particular interest to him, though he still views the Alaudian pantheon as the true immortals for his race to venerate. Aside from this, however, he seeks only to learn what he can and share wisdom - and a good joke or rumor - as he is able.


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