Beseech Elanthia to Petrify

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech Elanthia to Petrify Infobox
Teacher: Tomma
Requirements: circle 35
Slot Cost: Unknown
Cost To Use: 30 alignment
Description: Unknown
Effect: Beseech Elanthia to Petrify allows the Ranger to temporarily imbue his leather armor with the characteristics of stone, enhancing its stats. The enhanced statistics come at the cost of greater hinderance.
Messaging: Unknown



Every 3 added align lengthens the beseech duration by 4 or 6 seconds, alternating, i.e. from 30-32 align, you will have something around 318 seconds of duration (for a ~40th circle ranger); for 33-35 align, 322 seconds; for 36-38 align, 328 seconds and so on.


Petrify Beseech increments the absorption bonus for every increase of 10 alignment over 30. That is to say that at 30-39 align, you'll get one bonus, 40-49 a larger bonus, etc. up to whatever the cap is. That's from never seeing the app on 3 sets of leathers, one pair of gloves, and one cowl only changing when going from 10*N+9 to 10*(N+1). This beseech WILL NOT have any effect on metal, cloth, or bone armor.


See Beseech Elanthia to Petrify Quest.

Example Messaging

>align 25

You lower your head, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly as you channel a small portion of your existing spirit health into reserve to be used as needed by nature itself.

>beseech elanthia to petrify

You begin to chant as you attempt to connect with the very heart of Elanthia.

Mother Elanthia hear my call.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall!

Let the ages pass over free

The strength of time upon me.

Roundtime: 8 sec.

> A mist begins to permeate from your body as you feel yourself contracting under an unseen force.

> Myriad waves of pain flow over you as the constriction continues.

> Soon the mist dissipates and the feel of the garb upon you is a bit stiffer, yet still flexible. Your breath is labored as a result of the petrification of your garbs; a small price to pay to become as solid as a rock.

The constriction upon your gargoyle-hide leathers is lifted, allowing you to exhale deeply. You catch a hint of a smell, not unlike an old musty cottage. Your gargoyle-hide leathers begin to expand.

> The constriction upon your bison-hide cowl is lifted, allowing you to exhale deeply. You catch a hint of a smell, not unlike an old musty cottage. Your bison-hide cowl begins to expand.

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