Berserk Nightmare

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Berserk Nightmare Infobox
Requirements: 12th circle
Slot Cost:
Cost To Use:
Description: Berserk Nightmare is the third berserk a barbarian learns. It is used to boost the power of roars and unlike most other berserks, a barbarian retains enough control to retreat. It is stackable with other stackable berserks.
Effect: Increase Strength (stat)
Increase Charisma (stat)
Decrease Intelligence (stat)
Decrease Wisdom (stat)
Increase Spirit (mighty)
Messaging: You see:

Growling like a dog latched onto a fresh kill, you delight in the power and rage of your bloodthirst. Dark crimson fills your view, showing your enemies as the victims they truly are!
Others see:
<Player> Unknown

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