Berserk Flame

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Berserk Flame Infobox
Requirements: 20th circle
Slot Cost:
Cost To Use:
Description: Berserk Flame is the fourth berserk a barbarian learns. It is offensive in nature. Your strength is greatly increased but for a very short time, making this berserk essentially useless. Note: Lasted less than 1 minute at 40th circle.
Effect: Increase (A lot) Strength (stat)
Increase Agility (stat)
Decrease Reflex (stat)
Decrease Intelligence (stat)
Decrease Wisdom (stat)
Messaging: You see:

Your battle frenzy flares into brilliance as your vision is plunged into blood-red. Like a ravening wolf tearing at the savaged flesh of a severed leg, your thirst for carnage knows no bounds!
Others see:
<Player> Unknown

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