Berserk Everild

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Berserk Everild Infobox
Requirements: 120th circle
Slot Cost:
Cost To Use:

Berserk Everild Benefits - Combination of berserk steel (the melee defensive boost and magical resistance boost) and berserk grave (the strength boost, reflex boost, agility boost, stamina boost, vitality boost, intimidation boost, intimidation resistance boost) and the multiple opponent skill boost. Penalties - Crimson haze when LOOKing, decreases intelligence (up to -10), decreases wisdom (up to -10), cannot retreat, considerable inner fire usage.
Circle - 120th circle
Location - Charak on Pokehekepi Beach
Initiation messaging - Darkness fills your vision, to be drawn away by a crimson whirlpool leaving nothing behind but stark fury and the certain knowledge that the only way to end that fury is to kill again and again. Third Person POV- Phii's lips writhe back in a soundless snarl as her gaze stabs straight ahead, seeking her next victim.

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