Armor:Blood-red leathers emblazoned with a bronze and fire agate crest of the Barbarian's guild

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Incomplete Item
  • This item is incomplete, which means that while it is not a stub, it still lacks certain data or information.
Outdated Item
blood-red leathers emblazoned with a bronze and fire agate crest of the Barbarian's guild
Look: Covering the chest is a painted depiction of a bloodied sword raised high in a clenched fist, accented and enhanced by deft tooling and the strategic placement of fire agate and bronze within the design. Embossed on the left arm is a charging centaur, its tiny ruby eyes glittering against the fiery leather.
Type: Light Armor
Areas Covered: arms, legs, chest, back, abdomen
Hindrance: high (9/15) / Unknown for stealth
Protection: good (5/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for puncture attacks.
good (5/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for slice attacks.
good (5/15) protection and moderate (6/18) damage absorption for impact attacks.
fair (3/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for fire attacks.
fair (3/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for cold attacks.
moderate (4/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for electrical attacks.
Construction: moderately strongwarning.png"moderately strong" is not in the list of possible values (practically invulnerable, nearly impervious, unusually resilient, extremely resistant, very strong, highly protected, quite guarded, average construction, a bit safeguarded, rather reinforced, marginally vulnerable, appreciably susceptible, somewhat unsound, particularly weak, rather flimsy, quite fragile, very delicate, extremely weak) for this property. (/17)
Metal: No
Weight: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 32,500 Kronars32.5 ring
32.5 Scrips
32.5 Tickets
23,452 Dokoras
32.5 LTBpoints
Special Properties:
  • This armor is styled or has special functions for Barbarians.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Vishlan's Wares (Crossing)
Facts about Blood-red leathers emblazoned with a bronze and fire agate crest of the Barbarian's guildRDF feed
Appraised cost is32,500 Kronars (32.5 ring, 32.5 Scrips, 32.5 Tickets, 23,452 Dokoras, 32.5 LTBpoints, 26,000 Lirums, 32.5 SimuCoins)  +
Cold absorption isfair  +
Cold absorption is number5  +
Cold protection isfair  +
Cold protection is number3  +
Construction is
Electric absorption isfair  +
Electric absorption is number5  +
Electric protection ismoderate  +
Electric protection is number4  +
Fire absorption isfair  +
Fire absorption is number5  +
Fire protection isfair  +
Fire protection is number3  +
Guild association isBarbarian  +
Has item propertybarbarian style  +
Hindrance ishigh  +
Hindrance is number9  +
Impact absorption ismoderate  +
Impact absorption is number6  +
Impact protection isgood  +
Impact protection is number5  +
Ireview1  +
Is combat typeLight Armor  +
Is incompletetrue  +
Is metalfalse  +
Is outdatedtrue  +
Item type isLeathers  +
MissingInfobox entry on stealth hindrance  + and Infobox entry on weight  +
Noun isleathers  +
Page type isarmor  +
Protects areaarms  +, legs  +, chest  +, back  + and abdomen  +
Puncture absorption isfair  +
Puncture absorption is number5  +
Puncture protection isgood  +
Puncture protection is number5  +
Rare itemtrue  +
Rare sourcetrue  +
Slice absorption isfair  +
Slice absorption is number5  +
Slice protection isgood  +
Slice protection is number5  +
Source isVishlan's Wares (Crossing)  +
Uses colorbronze  +, blood-red  +, blood red  +, red  + and ruby  +
Uses materialLeather  +, Bronze  +, Fire agate  +, Agate  + and Ruby  +
Uses symbolCrest of the barbarians' guild  +, Centaur  + and Charging centaur  +
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