Armor:Blackened bone gauntlets with the shadowy image of a panther

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blackened bone gauntlets with the shadowy image of a panther
Look: Pieces of solid bone have been attached to heavy leather gloves. The leather and bone have both been blackened with stain and sealed with dull shellac, causing the armor to almost disappear into its own shadow. The image of a panther has been engraved into the gloves. The slinking predator appears to be a pattern of shadows if the light strikes it just so, and disappears entirely as the light shifts.
Type: Light Armor
Areas Covered: hands
Hindrance: fair (5/15) / insignificant (1/15) for stealth
Protection: fair (3/15) protection and fair (5/18) damage absorption for puncture attacks.
very high (8/15) protection and very good (8/18) damage absorption for slice attacks.
low (2/15) protection and low (3/18) damage absorption for impact attacks.
very high (8/15) protection and very high (10/18) damage absorption for fire attacks.
low (2/15) protection and somewhat fair (4/18) damage absorption for cold attacks.
very high (8/15) protection and very high (10/18) damage absorption for electrical attacks.
Construction: marginally vulnerable (8/17)
Metal: No
Weight: 35 stones
Appraised Cost: 3,905 Kronars3.905 ring
3.905 Scrips
3.905 Tickets
2,817.848 Dokoras
3.905 LTBpoints
Dimensions: 3 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Leftovers (3), Leftovers (2), Leftovers (1)
Facts about Blackened bone gauntlets with the shadowy image of a pantherRDF feed
Appraised cost is3,905 Kronars (3.905 ring, 3.905 Scrips, 3.905 Tickets, 2,817.848 Dokoras, 3.905 LTBpoints, 3,124 Lirums, 3.905 SimuCoins)  +
Cold absorption issomewhat fair  +
Cold absorption is number4  +
Cold protection islow  +
Cold protection is number2  +
Construction ismarginally vulnerable  +
Construction is number8  +
Electric absorption isvery high  +
Electric absorption is number10  +
Electric protection isvery high  +
Electric protection is number8  +
Fire absorption isvery high  +
Fire absorption is number10  +
Fire protection isvery high  +
Fire protection is number8  +
Height is1  +
Hindrance isfair  +
Hindrance is number5  +
Impact absorption islow  +
Impact absorption is number3  +
Impact protection islow  +
Impact protection is number2  +
Ireview1  +
Is combat typeLight Armor  +
Is metalfalse  +
Is outdatedfalse  +
Item type isGauntlets  +
Length is3  +
Noun isgauntlets  +
Page type isarmor  +
Protects areahands  +
Puncture absorption isfair  +
Puncture absorption is number5  +
Puncture protection isfair  +
Puncture protection is number3  +
Rare itemtrue  +
Rare sourcetrue  +
Slice absorption isvery good  +
Slice absorption is number8  +
Slice protection isvery high  +
Slice protection is number8  +
Source isLeftovers (1)  +, Leftovers (2)  + and Leftovers (3)  +
Stealth hindrance isinsignificant  +
Stealth hindrance is number1  +
Uses colorblack  +
Uses materialBone  +, Leather  + and Shellac  +
Uses symbolPanther  +
Weight of35  +
Width is1  +
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