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The Alchemy craft is the overarching crafting system that covers the Remedies, Poisons, and Cooking disciplines.

All crafts within it utilize the Alchemy skill.

Herbs are obtained through foraging. Catalysts are obtained through both foraging and mining. There will be more options in the future that include bone.


Alchemy currently uses hand-held tools to practice, such as a mortar and an pestle, mixing stick and cooking pot, and wayerd pyramid. There are several places in the realms that are equipped for alchemists and open to the public: the Riverhaven Alchemy Society, Crossing Alchemy Society and Shard Alchemy Society.

See Crafting Tools for more details.

Bugs Chart

Society Bugs

Bug Details Result
When asked about Restoration Acumen, Carmifex talks about the "Restorative Acument Technique".
Riverhaven sells "grenich". That should be "genich".
Shard sells "grenich". That should be "genich".
The Crossing apprentice book has "remedy" in the tap, but responds to "remedies".

Crafting Bugs

Bug Details Result
All known bugs currently resolved.

Other Bugs

Bug Details Result
Deeded catalysts don't give catalyst-related information yet (so no extra details on a deeded coal, etc) fixed
crushed blocil is turning into crushed muljin
You are certain that the dried cebi is known to heal external scars . (dried cebi root isn't registering as healing anything)
Skin Poultices and General Poultices use the wrong technique Using Critical Body Wound Remedies. Should be Critical Body Scar Remedies
"Ungent" should be "unguent". Applies to all the Critical external wound remedies
General remedies (dioica and belradi based) don't do anything There is never a healing pulse when using these.

Item Conversions Needed

Please place any items that you believe:

  1. Should have been converted to a different quality (NOTE: Most older alchemy tools from festivals, regular stores, and events should become store quality, but cambrinth pyramids (for example) should all be rare-metal quality. If you have an item that is not a cambrith pyramid but you believe is still meant to be better, list it below.) or
  2. are related to herbs/alchemy that need to be converted to properly work within the system.

NOTE: Items are sometimes not converted until they are used - you might not initially see crafting tool stats on a previously vaulted item. Once it is used, it should convert.

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