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Akriana Demevil
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime
Status Active
Relatives Akryn, Arnau, Braedden, Gorteous, Kojae, Kriawen, Nulling, Padok, Shadowpaw



Human Form

You see Akriana Demevil, a Rakash.
Akriana has an oval face, tilted violet eyes and a classical nose. Her blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a strand of geshi pearls. She has black skin and a curvaceous figure.
She is tall for a Rakash.
She appears to be young.

Moonskin Form

You see Akriana Demevil, a Rakash.
Akriana has a wolfish face, tilted violet eyes and an elegant muzzle, a silvered black and silver coat with silver masking, a curving tail and a curvaceous figure.
She is tall for a Rakash.
She appears to be young.


[ More past to be announced at a later time. ]

381-02-03: Birth date.

405-05-28: Married Gorteous.

She is a devote follower of Enelne.

Demevil Pack Family

Akriana Alpha
Akryn Alpha
Arnau Beta

Misc Notes

Began the Demevil Pack with her twin brother, Akryn, attempting to gather a family to stand strong. At her brothers disappearance, Akriana stepped forth to take leadership over the pack. Although currently small in numbers, Akriana takes full responsibilities over the pack to make it strong.

With Akryn's return, she shares leadership, but at his disappearances, she assumes full control.

Short Stories


After offering my blessings to Enelne, I stood proudly before the Awksa Dzilvawta Ala. I felt a bit nervous after I rethought all the encounters I had been through in the course of a few days. I took a deep breath, releasing it slowly and closed my eyes, wondering what my twin brother might think of my actions. He had been gone for awhile, but I know he will return and will want to know of my marriage and supposed banishment of Therengia.

These Therengians had talked about honor and respect, yet I had witnessed, prior to my outbursts, of small Clerics being pushed aside in mid-resurrections and Empaths being tossed aside in mid-healings by all the more experienced Clerics and Empaths. Talk to me about respect when you show none to your fellow novices? Ha!

We live in a cruel world. People demanding respect and yet show none themselves. It’s a rather shame.

I am young and I know that. I’m sure they know that too and yet they challenge me and demand that I prove my honor. Why must everything be a fight for them when I am merely stating my own opinions and expecting an answer in return? There is no talking with these people. I openly admitted that I know they will defeat me and if they wish to do so, then surely they do not need the permission of a challenge. And yet, they call me a coward.

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