A Deconstructive Retrospection of Alchemy in Warfare

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A Deconstructive Retrospection of Alchemy in Warfare

Alchemy in its end product can be broken into two parts; it has the potential to heal and the potential to cause harm. The latter will be deconstructed here.

The Guild of the Warrior Mages has long been working towards the production of such malicious devices. The product of their efforts is shown in the substance known as naphtha, a highly volatile semi-fluid that is usually applied to an adversary followed shortly by the introduction of fire. It's simple to conclude that the result is the combustion of said adversary. Though this discovery is worth noting, it plays only a small role in history of alchemy in warfare, and naphtha in and of itself is now considered a more mild use of alchemy for harmful purposes.

The first truly destructive use of dangerous alchemical products can be dated back to the Gorbesh War. During this conflict, the Gorbesh cunningly constructed and detonated a device in the gwethdesuan mines of Zoluren. What exactly this device was constructed of is under debate and at this point is impossible to ascertain, as the destruction of the mines was done in secret and the remnants of the device were annihilated in the conflagration. Though we have no hard facts about its creation, we can deduce that the bomb likely was made with the aid of naphtha due to the devastating effects of the explosion and the similarity with the naphtha bombs used later during the Sorrow War.

The naphtha bombs of the Sorrow War of were created by a team of loyalists for the purpose of destroying the goliath barricades that were erected on the various trade routes. From what I could gather from one of the parties involved in the production, the naphtha bombs were created from a large cauldron filled with naphtha and delivered precariously to the site of attack. The cauldrons were then ignited by various means – which caused catastrophic damage to everything around them, including the deliverers of the bombs.

Another kind of bomb used in the Sorrow War was known as the “mana bomb.” Though it is uncertain what they were constructed from, these bombs used were likely created through alchemical means rather than purely magical. These spherical bombs, when cast to the ground, wrenched the very magical energy from those in its blast radius. These particular devices were seen in prior engagements with the Red Sash, although they gained far more extensive use during the Sorrow War.

During the Sorrow conflict, we also saw the introduction of gas bombs. These bombs, when set off, would cause a massive poison cloud to settle over the area. When inhaled, the resulting cloud would cause terrific trauma to the internal organs, especially the lungs. This gas is the by-product of improper cooking of poison, in which the toxins separate from the initial substance and become airborne.

Such poison, of course, has the ability to cause great internal damage when introduced into an individual in its whole state. The particulars of this concoction could not be found, and it appears as though the means of production have been concealed, as I could not reach any person for comment on this substance. The applications of alchemy in the future are both promising and dreadful. This course of action is dependant upon the heart of the purveyors of such invention.

~By the hand of Eyrc Dae'nae, Bakshiloa of Alchemy

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